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Vienna Wind Ensemble
Vienna Wind Ensemble
Vienna Wind Ensemble

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The musicians of the wind quintet “Vienna Wind Ensemble” first met on a tour and sensed already after the first rehearsal for solo positions in the orchestra that they harmonize with each other both from musical and human points of view. Shortly thereafter the idea came to start a wind quintet: The Vienna Wind Ensemble was born! The musicians from Austria, Germany and Hungary dedicate themselves in the first place to delivering the works of the Viennese Classic. In the foreground of making music together are the adaptations of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as well as of the Strauss family. Furthermore, the musicians give master classes, in which they deliver the style of Viennese music making. Although the Ensemble is still very young, they already attended the April Spring Friendship Art Festival in Korea in April 2011, where a total of 13 nations were represented. Alongside ensembles from Germany, Canada, Finland, Bulgaria, Russia, etc. the Vienna Wind Ensemble scored the first prize. At the second consecutive participation in April 2012 the quintet captured a victory over 25 nations. In April 2012 the Ensemble placed first at the 6th International Chamber Music Competition “Cameristi dell” Alpe Adria”. Since March 2012 the Vienna Wind Ensemble studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, in the class of Gottfried Pokorny.

Steffi Mölle
Steffi Mölle studied at the Conservatory of Lübeck and at the University of Arts in Graz from Professor Dieter Flury. She was awarded scholarships from DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst), the Richard Wagner Association Hannover, and the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation in Graz, among others. Since 2004 she is a substitute at the Vienna State Opera and holds temporary positions in orchestras like The Vienna Philharmonic, The Volksopera Vienna, The Opera Ball Orchestra (Tour Luzern of 2010), and the Theatre Baden. She is a member of the Sinfonietta Baden and the Opera Klosterneuburg and plays regularly in the Mozart Orchestra. Steffi Mölle teaches German flute at the Schubert and Gustav Mahler Conservatory in Vienna and held a position as flute instructor in line with the Study Abroad Program Tennessee in 2009. In 2012 she delivered a master class in Jakarta.
Zsolt Kovács
Zsolt Kovács studied at the Academy of Music in Budapest from József Kiss. Since 1992 he is the first oboist of the Duna Symphony Orchestra and is engaged on a regular basis by The Orchestra of the Hungarian State Opera, by The Budapest Philharmonic and by The Budapest Broadcasting Orchestra. As a soloist he played the oboe concert from Richard Strauss and from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart among other things.
Markus Adenberger
Markus Adenberger studied at The State Conservatory of Carinthia from Helmut Vallant and Hubert Salmhofer and at the University of Arts in Graz from Wolfgang Klinser. Further studies lead him to Berlin to Alexander Bader (Berlin Philharmonic). During the season 2008/2009 Adenberger was engaged by the Dormund Philharmonic and by The State Theatre Eisenach from March to June 2010. Currently, he is a clarinettist in The Vienna Chamber Orchestra, in The Strauss Festival Orchestra, in The Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra and teaches at the Association of Music Schools of Lower Austria. As a soloist he performed with the Carinthia Symphony Orchestra the clarinet concert of Aaron Copland, among other works.
Ágnes Fejes
Ágnes Fejes studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna from Richard Galler. In 2001 she was an awardee of the Austrian Foundation “Forum Hungaricum” and a member of the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation. Between 2003 and 2005 she was a member of the Graz Symphony Orchestra. Since 2009 she is a member of The Sinfonietta Baden, the Artist Orchestra Vienna, The Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra, The Mozart Orchestra Vienna and of the Ossiach Orchestra Academy. Since 2011 she is a substitute at The Volksopera Vienna and at the “Tonkünstler” (Musicians) of Lower Austria. Ágnes Fejes gained some more orchestra experience in a multitude of European Orchestras. Some of them are: The European Philharmonic Orchestra, The Viennese Jeunesse Orchestra, The Young Philharmonic Vienna and The City Theatre Baden. As a soloist she played solo works with The Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra, The Artist Orchestra Vienna, and The Wind Ensemble of the University of Graz, The Favoriten Mandolin Orchestra Vienna and The Tambourine Orchestra Parndorf. She also had solo performances with the Austrian Society of Contemporary Music.
Zoltán Vass
Zoltán Vass attended the Bartók Béla Conservatory in Budapest in the class of Béla Tibor Beleznay, and studied at the University of Music and Perfoming Arts in Graz, trained by G. Högner and H. Ebner for horn in his concert class. An Erasmus-scholarship leads him to the Felix Mendelsshon Bartholdy College for Music and Theatre in Leipzig, into the class of T. Hauschild. He gained orchestra experience in a multitude of European Orchestras. Some of them are: The Viennese Jeunesse Orchestra, The United Platforms Vienna, The Salzburg Philharmonic, The Theatre Baden, and The Orchestra Jakobsplatz Munich. Furthermore, he contributed to the work of the Gustav Mahler Orchestra Academy and the Ossiach Orchestra Academy.