Künstlersekretariat Buchmann GmbH

Vienna Symphonia Schrammeln

The mutual love of Viennese Music and the mutual conviction that having selected the best Viennese musicians for the realization, led to the establishment of the ensemble Vienna Symphonia Schrammeln back in 1966.

The interpretation of Viennese music on the highest level in connection with the special something - some call it "Viennese charm" - not more, not less. The ensemble performs in the original Schrammel cast: 2 violins, with the original Viennese folk instruments, the Viennese Schrammel guitar and the Viennese button-accordion, and alternatively with the G-clarinet (the "Pick-sweet Hölzl").

The ensemble is characterized to offer, not only traditional classical Viennese folk music, but also operetta literature and the most diverse variations of the instrumental composition, possible.