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Since its founding in 1994, the “Salonorchester Alt-Wien” has dedicated itself with the utmost intensity to fostering the works of the so-called “Strauss Dynasty,” the music of Johann Strauss Father and Son, Josef and Eduard Strauss. Compositions of their contemporaries and successors (for example Joseph Lanner, the Schrammel brothers, Carl Michael Ziehrer, Emmerich Kálmán, Franz Lehár, Robert Stolz) are also included in the standard repertoire of the orchestra.

It is in the Kursalon of Vienna’s City Park (Stadtpark), where Johann, Josef and Eduard Strauss themselves lead their orchestras in many concerts, that the “Salonorchester Alt-Wien” has found its home base. Within this beautiful setting it presents over 400 concerts each year of renowned waltzes, marches, polkas, operetta arias and overtures. The original Viennese music is performed by the members of the Salonorchester Alt-Wien with great dedication and verve, presented at the highest artistic niveau.

Musical director Udo Zwölfer, longtime First-Concertmaster of the Vienna Volksoper, is one of the true specialists in the area of Viennese Waltz and Operetta music. His musicians come from all of Vienna’s most prominent orchestras: Tonkünstler-Orchestra Niederösterreich, Vienna Symphony, Orchestra of the Vienna Volksoper, and the Vienna Philharmonic. In the tradition of the world-famous “New Year’s Concert,” all of the musicians are strongly committed to promoting this repertoire to their greatest musical potency. 

The well-conceived dramaturgical program, comprised of highlights and special rarities of the Viennese “Waltz-Dynasty,” ensures the audience finest entertainment and ongoing good spirits. The Vienna of the nineteenth-century, era of the “Waltz-King,” comes to life over the course of the concert evening…

Musical Director Prof. Udo Zwölfer

Born in Vienna, Udo Zwölfer studied at the Vienna Music Academy (now the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna) and at the Vienna Conservatory. Following extensive collaborations and performances with famed artists from his native Vienna (including tours to France, Italy, Czech Republic, Croatia, Korea, Taiwan, China, USA and Japan) he became First-Concertmaster of the Vienna Volksoper Orchestra in 1980.

In 1994, he founded the “Viennese Salon-Orchestra of the Volksoper,” which, after the joined-cooperation in 1999 with the general manager of Vienna’s Kursalon, Josip Susnjara, was renamed to its current “Salonorchester Alt-Wien.” Since then, Prof. Zwölfer has lead the ensemble in over 4000 concerts both in Vienna and abroad.

Udo Zwölfer plays on a fine Tomaso Eberle violin, Naples 1774.