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Philharmonia Schrammeln

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra encompasses several chamber music ensembles, one of them specializing in Viennese Schrammel music.The Philharmonia Schrammeln play original Viennese folk music composed by Johann and Josef SCHRAMMEL, Johann Strauß and other great Viennese musicians.

The ensemble has been a Viennese institution for decades now. Since the early seventies, they have worked under the direction of Alfons Egger, a violinist in the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.It was him who gave the ensemble its name, which emphasizes its connection to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Most of the ensemble members come from this famous orchestra in Vienna.

The Philharmonia Schrammeln have had many successful radio and TV broadcasts.

Two traditional venues for performances have been established: Regular performances in the Vienna Musikverein  and festival concerts in Vienna's wine tavern districts, a typical Schrammel music setting.

Several tours have brought them to North America, Japan, and a number of European countries. However, you can hear the Philharmonia Schrammeln not only at public concerts, but also at private functions.

The Philharmonia Schrammeln are in the unique position to present the Viennese Schrammel music in a genuinely authentic way. The two Viennese violins, played by Johannes Tomböck and Dominik Hellsberg, are joined by instruments that are typical of this music: the Clarinet in G (in Vienna also called "picksüßes Hölzl"), played by Hannes Moser, the button accordion, played by Günter Haumer und the contraguitar (double guitar), played by Heinz Hromada.