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Original Wiener Johann Strauss Capelle

The Original
The Strauss-Dynasty – Strauss pére and his sons Johann, Josef and Eduard – founded an ensemble that accompanied them in their triumphant musical progress from Vienna around the world, the “Wiener Johann Strauss-Capelle”, which continued in the service of the Strauss family until the end of the dynasty.
This Strauss-Orchestra was outfitted in 1843 with red tail-coats and white trousers and performed on special occasions in this apparel. Thus, the ensemble had two unique characteristics – the original Viennese interpretation of Strauss and the red tail-coats. These characteristics are now unique to the “Wiener Johann Strauss-Capelle”, re-founded in 1977, and render their performances unforgettable.
It is a true pleasure to hear the world-famous waltzes and polkas as they were composed for the ensemble by the Strauss dynasty and to see how the “Original Wiener Johann Strauss-Capelle” dressed on festive occasions.