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Bolschoi Don Cossacks

Choirmaster: Petja Houdjakov

The life story of a great musician and his choir of the Bolschoi Don Cossacks, one of the best-loved ensembles in Europe, a many faced group involving famous soloists with a Cossack background.

Born in Rostov-upon-Don, Petja Houdjakov started as a sportsman, became the youngest dancer and choreographer for important theaters in Sofia, then in Dresden and Vienna. He is also an excellent accordion-player, singer of “forbidden songs” and above all a musician, artist and showman.

He continued and renewed the tradition of the Cossack Choir, founded and directed by Sergej Jaroff, transforming it into professional Bolshoi Don Cossacks whose members are well-known performers at Europe’s major theaters. According to specific engagements, the meet, mix, study and rehearse under Petjas guiding.

The great artistic value of the Choir includes the homogeneous quality of the voices involved, the superb dynamic modulation of contrasts and the interpretation, both faithful and creative.

Their versatile repertoire ranges from religious to secular music, folklore and the classics. They boast a wide and faithful acceptance all over Europe. Often they perform together with great symphonic or wind orchestras, with mixed or children’s choirs which enhances their repeated international success.

The Bolschoi Don Cossacks and their artistic director Petja Houdjakov enjoy a large favor on every level. The public, musical experts and also international political authorities are all enthusiastic, as witnessed by newspaper reports, the many prizes and diplomas received and the close friendship with world’s famous artists, thus contributing towards a better understanding between East and West, their cultures and their religions.