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Oliver Peter Graber

General Management
Oliver Peter Graber <br> (c) Wiener Staatsoper GmbH/Michael Pöhn

Biografie (PDF)


Oliver Peter Graber's music is performed in important theaters and concert halls.

He has a main focus on music for classical ballet and Concerts for solo instrument and orchestra.

Additionally he writes experimental electronic music, works for music-theatre and multi-media-music.

Oliver Peter Graber is well known for combining music and science, e.g. he is regularely making use of experimental sounds that are generated by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy (NMR). In 2006 he performed the very first magnetic resonance imaging/weight bearing upright MRI of pointe dancing and he also did a lot of research in the field of so called "Musikwirkungsforschung" (music and the brain/music and the human body). While doing so, he worked at several universities.

His compositions are based upon the results of this research and take the physiology of the human body into account.

In general Oliver Peter Graber writes the textbooks/libretti for his ballets himself and also does choreographic work: He usually creates a "virtual choreography" and also did some choreographies. The dramatic concepts for his compositions include stage-design, lighting and costumes. Currently he is the dramatic adviser of Wiener Staatsballett. 

He has published a lot of writings in the field of musicology (topics: ballet music, piano, music and the brain) and also has written some literary texts.